Program Details


The last course you’ll ever have to spend money on.

What you get

Our goal is to ensure that upon completion of Intuitively YOU, you’ll never need to pay for a nutrition or fitness program again in order to eat and train best for your body and mind. Upon completion of the course, you will have access to the information forever and can come back to revisit and refresh at any time. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Create a daily Mindset practice that suits you, without feeling the need to fit anyone else's expectations of what mindfulness, tuning in, or being present should look like. 

  • Eat according to your body's innate wisdom, choosing foods that are most effective for you based on your nutrient needs, hunger signals, and unique cravings. We offer actionable steps to find out which way of eating serves you best in your current season of life, along with ways to tune in and make changes as you move forward. 

  • Move your body in ways that build functionality into your everyday life, so that you can feel good, keep consistent, and renew your relationship with fitness, again, shifting and changing your daily movement through life's seasons.

  • Fall deeper in love with yourself through daily acts of self care that work into your own life.

Why it will last

Rather than offering a quick fix or plan that leaves you unengaged in the process, our mission is to empower you with the tools to eat, move, and be mindful throughout every changing season of life. The tools you’ll gain will allow you to make shifts to your nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness practice on an as needed basis for the rest of your life. 


Our usual price is $200, which you lifetime access to the online course, including videos, printouts, and worksheets for each module, along with access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can connect with other participants, ask questions, and hear from Kelsey and me daily!

Watch more in our intro video below!