Guiding you to live a life based on your own innate needs.

Our goal is to help you reconnect with your own intuition when it comes to fitness and nutrition as you develop the tools for daily mindfulness practice and self love. Together, we will dive deep into getting to know yourself in new ways, discovering how to best serve yourself with food, movement, and self love. Nutrition, fitness, and mindset practices do not need to be hard work. You have all you need to live Intuitively YOU. We are just here to help as guides to find it.

Guiding you to live a life based on your own innate needs.


You will learn how to practice daily self care and mindfulness in ways that are most powerful for YOU, allowing you tune in, build trust, and fall more deeply in love with yourself through daily practice.


You will learn how to eat according to your body's innate wisdom, choosing foods that are most effective for YOU based on your nutrient needs, hunger signals, and unique cravings. We will teach you how to learn the best fuel for your body and to tune in to see how this ebbs and flows throughout the seasons of life.


You will learn to move in ways that build functionality into your everyday life, so that YOU can feel good, keep consistent, and renew your relationship with fitness. We’ll go over different training and movement styles and the ways in which you can best determine how to fit the fitness in that will best serve you.


Intuitive Nutrition

We’ll guide you as you ditch fad diets and food dogma for good and reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom when it comes to choosing foods that serve you.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything! I really feel like I have made such incredible progress with you over the 2 months of working with you and the whole family is eating healthier and Sadie loves to workout with me often now.

— Aicia


Intuitive Fitness

Renew your relationship with fitness as you dive into your own unique motivation to move and reconsider your why when it comes to daily movement.